Monday 10th June last shipment of the orange season!

About us

About Olefruits

Olefruits is a project that aims to send fresh organic fruits directly from the growers to the customers. We have seen the prices and quality of the fruits in the supermarkets in Germany and wanted to offer better and healthier products. With Olefruits you know the farmers who grow and take care of your fruits.

We also believe that organic agriculture is the future, actually, it should be the present. We only cooperate with growers we trust. This way we guarantee that you get quality and real organic fruits. We have been to every single one of these plantations and all of our fincas have the organic certificate. We also offer the opportunity to visit them.

The biggest part of the money from our sales goes to the growers. As they do the hardest work this is logical and fair, but unfortunately nowadays they still have to fight to make a living, while their products are sold at much more expensive prices in the supermarkets. We want to change the current system, so the farmers are fairly rewarded.

For us the most important thing is to offer high quality organic fruit at fair prices. We have no cold stores or large warehouses: the fruit goes directly from the land to your house. It is so fresh that for the avocados and mangos you will have to wait a couple of days before you can eat them.

Our goal is to send you the most delicious and healthy fruits of the season every week and improve the lives of our local organic farmers.

Our mission and goals

Fair and sustainable agriculture

Respect for the enviroment

Fresh and high quality organic fruit

Circular economy

Fair conditions for local farmers

Cipriano Ramos Ruiz


Iam Cipriano, the founder of Olefruits, a project that wants to offer organic fruit directly from the Andalusian growers to the customers. My parents and grandparents grew up in the countryside and I have been going to my country house every weekend until today. Since I was a child, my father taught me about the importance of the countryland. Despite my father’s passion for the countryland, he always advised me not to depend on it, he always said it is too much work and very badly paid. This is what I want to change now! I want to guarantee a decent life for the growers who cooperate with us.

A few years later I went to the university to study a Bachelor in Translation and Interpreting and a Master in Tourism Management. I have lived in Germany for almost 3 years and I have seen the products on offer in the German supermarkets and I always missed the delicious fruits we have in Andalusia.

I have always worked in the tourism sector, in 2018 I founded Oletrips and until the beginning of of the Corona crisis I was fortunately very busy. Oletrips offers a new way of travelling, travelling in small groups and always in contact with the locals to get to know the traditions, history, local products and the whole culture. I support sustainable tourism and sustainable organic agriculture and for me quality is always more important than quantity, both for tourism and for the fruit.

For a long time I had the idea to combine my two passions, tourism and agriculture, and so Olefruits was born. In March 2020 the Corona crisis has started and Oletrips, like every tourist company, has been hard hit. We were at home for three months and during this time I developed Olefruits and contacted three growers to start the project. Why these three growers? Because I know and trust them personally and I visited their plantations and tasted their fruits myself.

With Olefruits I would like to help you to get tasty and healthy fruits and at the same time support our local growers.

María Tomé Rico

Web designer, community manager and Head Office Manager

I studied a degree in Translation and Interpretating because of my love for languages and my interest in knowing and understanding other cultures. I am very creative and have always been good at new technologies, so when I finished my degree and spent a year in Germany learning this complicated language, I returned to Spain and studied my own Master’s degree in Web Design. Then I took another Master’s in New Technologies Translation to bring these two worlds together.

My professional career has always been linked to tourism in one way or another. Two years ago I started the Oletrips project with Cipriano. When Cipriano told me about his idea to start with this beautiful project I joined him immediately.

The countryside, in one way or another, is part of the life of almost all the people in our area and I am not an exception. My father’s family is largely dedicated to it. My great-grandfather Galindo Rico started selling fruit all by his own with his donkey, and ended up with a business that provided for his 8 children. My grandfather Jose continued the business in Almeria and today my uncle Jose Manuel is dedicated to it. My great-uncles, cousins… a great part of my family still makes a living from it today. That’s why I’m so excited about this project: somehow it connects me to my roots. The countryside is life, it is dignified and it is what connects us with nature. Through Olefruits I have managed to reconnect with this part of my life and I couldn’t be more proud of all that my family has achieved, especially my grandfather.

Oletrips, our first project

We also have the company Oletrips, an Andalusian travel agency that specialises in agrotourism and tours for small groups. On our tours you will always learn a lot about our history, traditions and local products and a delicious meal is always included. If you would like to visit our plantations and Andalusia you can always contact us and we will organise your dream trip to Andalusia.