The dragon fruit season is here! First shipments on July 29.


Organic Avocado Mayonnaise

Hello, friends! Today we bring you a recipe incredibly quick to make and that will brighten up your meals. It is the quintessential sauce, the mayonnaise! But not just any mayonnaise, no: a healthy version … Read more

Organic avocado cold soup

Hi folks! Last week we were lucky enough to be able to participate in Cómetelo, one of the most popular programmes on Canal Sur, our regional television channel. Together with them we visited Finca de … Read more

Mango Blossom

Hi, folks! Many of you live thousands of kilometres away from sunny Andalusia, but if you are lucky enough to live in this wonderful land where avocado and mango plantations have become the dominant landscape, … Read more

Orange Cream

This week we have a recipe for you to make the most of your organic oranges. You already know how rich this fruit in vitamin C is, ideal for maintaining our immune system and protecting … Read more

Pomelo Glacé Recipe

Hello, folks! This week we bring you a yummy dessert which, as always, is very easy to make . Hope you like it! We have used our organic grapefruit as the main ingredient. The flavour … Read more

Organic Orange Sponge Cake

Hello, folks! Today we bring you a very simple but delicious recipe to give you an idea of how to make the most out of your organic oranges. Enjoy! Ingredients 2 organic oranges 250 g … Read more