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Mango Blossom

Hi, folks! Many of you live thousands of kilometres away from sunny Andalusia, but if you are lucky enough to live in this wonderful land where avocado and mango plantations have become the dominant landscape, or if you have ever travelled here at this time of the year, you may have noticed something: the mango trees have started to blossom.

… And yet the mango season doesn’t start here until the end of September.
How is it possible then that they are already in bloom, if the fruit doesn’t come out until many months later?
Because, quite simply, the mangoes that we see on the tree from September or October onwards are not the result of this flowering, but of a second one.

This blossom that we see right now is pruned during the month of March, so that the next blossom, during the months of May and June, is more likely to bear more buds and therefore more fruit.
The mango tree is very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature and, of course, to cold. If we were to leave this first flowering, it is likely that some fruit would come out, but in much smaller quantities, and we would risk the flower not being viable and we would be faced with a lack of fruit or abortions.
It is much more likely that the flowers that come back during the months of May and June will set much more, as the temperatures are ideal. And we get more and better quality fruit.

Pruning and harvesting periods vary greatly depending on the area in general, and on the orientation of each finca and the criteria of each farmer in particular, although we hope that this will give you an approximate idea.

We can’t wait for the mango season to start NOW, so that you can enjoy its exceptional taste at home, wherever you are.

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Have a lovely weekend!

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