Monday 10th June last shipment of the orange season!

Enjoy your fruits at their best

Do you want to make the most of your organic fruit? Know the right ripening point to eat and learn new delicious and healthy recipes? Click on each fruit and learn!

Do not waste fruit!

If you are buying a box by yourself, we recommend you keep some of the fruit in the fridge and then you can slowly eat it all.

You can leave half of the box at room temperature and the rest in the fridge. This is especially important with avocados and mangos, as they all ripen at the same time.

You can also freeze the juice of the lemons, but we recommend eating them fresh because the vitamins last longer.

You can also puree the avocados and freeze them. With the mangoes you can make delicious mango jam that will last much longer than the fruit.

The most important thing is that you can eat them all! They are too tasty and healthy to waste!