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Jesus’ Finca

About me

“My plantation is located in Vélez-Málaga, the capital of La Axarquía, which is also the capital for tropical fruits, as this city is the largest producer of tropical fruits in Europe.

I believe in a model of ecological and social agriculture. I support fair trade, pay a lot of attention to natural fertility and promote biodiversity in my finca. I do not sell my fruits to big retailers, but to smaller retailers who specialise in organic products of high quality. I am very much looking forward to this project, have known Cipriano since March 2020 and am immediately convinced of his enthusiasm for Olefruits. Together we would like to send the most delicious and exotic fruits directly to you”

Want to visit my finca? Contact Oletrips and they will arrange a cool trip to Andalusia for you. You will get to taste our delicious fruits and many other local products directly in our plantation!

About my plantation

«I changed my family’s finca from conventional to organic 10 years ago in 2010, at the beginning it was very difficult and the production very low but our yields have been increasing year by year. Now our finca gives organic mangoes and organic avocados of the best quality.

Our finca is 4.5 hectares large and is located right next to the Mediterranean Sea. Here you will find avocados of the varieties “Fuerte”, “Hass” and “Lamb Hass” and mangos of the varieties “Tommy Atkins”, “Osteen” and “Sensación”.

Jesús’ Finca is organic certified. If you are interested in having his certificate sent to you, please contact us.

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