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The health benefits of mangos

Mangoes are exotic and beautiful fruits that can be combined with many dishes: salad, shakes, sauces…

The ripe mangoes have a high content of vitamin A. They also have vitamin E and vitamin B2. Among other things, they contain the minerals potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and calcium. It is also a fruit with a lot of fibre and antioxidants and not many calories.

How do I know if the mango is ripe?​

We harvest our organic mangos when they have the right sugar content. After harvesting, you have to wait about a week until they are perfect to eat so you have to wait a few days after receiving the mangoes until they are perfect.

How do I know then when is the perfect moment to eat it? We will know that our mango is ripe when it is a little soft and releases a delicious, sweet aroma.

To speed up the ripening process, you can place it together with other fruits.

You can enjoy our mangos between September and November, only 3 months of the year, so we recommend that you reserve your boxes in advance.

How do I peel a mango?

It might seem a bit tricky, but you’ll learn quick!

You first have to peel it in three pieces. The mango has a flat seed, you have to make two cuts along the seed.

Then with a knife you have to make small cuts along the flesh, careful not to break the skin and at the end you have to have it like checkers board. Now you have to hold this part of the mango and press from underneath with your fingers so that the cubes come out. At the end with a spoon you only have to take out the mango cubes. Simply, beautiful and delicious!

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