Monday 10th June last shipment of the orange season!

Miguel Velasco’s Finca

About me

«I am Miguel Velasco, a young grower, and I inherited this passion from my family. Since I was a child, I have helped my father and grandfather every weekend in their plantations. I started working full-time in the countryside after my father suffered an agricultural accident. Since then, I have been looking after my father’s finca and also some of my uncles’.

Our passion for agriculture leads us to produce high quality fruit. I work together with my brother and our father gives us invaluable advice, as he has also spent his whole life working in the countryside. Ours is a familiar plantation, where we work with the help of friends of our town. I am really looking forward to this project to sell fruit directly to the customers. This way I will know how the customers appreciate my fruit and eventually get to know them personally when they visit our plantation. I am also very excited about it because Cipriano, Olefruits’ founder, is my school friend.»

Want to visit my finca? Contact Oletrips and they will arrange a cool trip to Andalusia for you. You will get to taste our delicious fruits and many other local products directly in our plantation!

About my plantation

«Our Finca is divided into different fields and we inherited it from our grandfather. We have a total of 2 hectares and we grow organic avocados, organic mangoes and organic lemons with a lot of passion.

In 2008 we started to change some of our fincas from conventional to organic and slowly we managed to convert 100% to organic. I am so happy that all my fincas are organic, so we contribute for a better fauna, flora and environment, simply for a better world. Our fruits are pesticide free, taste really good and are very healthy

Miguel’s Finca is organic certified. If you are interested in having his certificate sent to you, please contact us.

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