The dragon fruit season is here! First shipments on July 29.

Organic Dragon Fruit Box

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Box of organic pitaya from Andalusia (south of Spain), directly from the farmer.

Pre-sale! First shipment of dragon fruit on July 29th

Boxes of dragon fruit (pitaya), directly from our farmer, with organic certification.

The pitaya season in Spain runs from July to the end of November. Among the varieties we offer are:

  • Red-fleshed: Tesoro, Hybridum, and Jc01. They are quite similar in appearance although they vary in flavour.
  • White-fleshed: Undatus. With a less sweet taste and a little more acidic.

The truth is that each fruit tastes different, even when they are of the same variety.

The first pitayas available are the red-fleshed ones, which are with us throughout the season as they flower constantly.

The white-fleshed ones have a full moon induced flowering. Their flowering starts after a full moon and is carried out in waves, we usually have three to four waves per season.

We will always include as much variety as possible in the boxes.


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Dragon fruit straight from the farmer

Virginia has specialised in growing pitayas on her small family farm, she is our grower 👨‍🌾 of the famous dragon fruit.

When you place your order, she will pick your pitayas herself and send them to the address you specify - the pitayas go straight from the field to your home!

photo of open pitaya flowers emerging from the organic plant, inside a greenhouse crop.

Pitaya from Spain

Did you know that Spain is the largest producer of tropical fruits in Europe?

Our pitayas are from Andalusia. They come from Almogía, in Málaga.

Buy organic and sustainable dragon fruit

Our farmer does not use pesticides and is certified organic.

The farm is supplied with energy by solar panels and water by a rainwater harvesting system for irrigation.

farmer holding a pitaya in her hands

How do I make my order?

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You can place your order until Sunday at 20:00h.

The farmer collects & sends fruit on Mondays

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Suscripción de Pitayas

Recibe pitayas ecológicas cada 15 días o cada mes.

Con la suscripción de pitayas recibes cajas más baratas que si las compras individualmente y tendrás preferencia frente a los que compren cajas sueltas.

Te aseguramos que recibirás tu fruta del dragón durante toda la temporada.

*El abono debe contratarse antes del comienzo de la temporada para que los agricultores puedan reservarte toda la fruta con antelación.

Suscripción de pitaya